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My Story

Jordan had his whole life planned out, but everything changed one morning on his way to school when he was forced to make an important decision. Meg was already living with the ramifications of a past decision, and Heather was simply focused on the most important thing in her life...


As their lives become intertwined, the stage is set for an amazing story of bravery, strength, and redemption.

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Watercolor floral website graphics - speaker.png
Image by Steve Carter

reviews for Love Will

“In light of all the news about Planned Parenthood, this is an excellent fictional read, which grasps the reality of how abortion affects lives, yet poetically depicts how healing comes when women and men no longer stay silent and reach out. Thank you, Cindy Brunk, for being a woman of passion and conviction.”


Jessica Stanton – PAC and Communications Assistant as well as a Lobbyist for Oregon Right To Life

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